Borgward Arabella Restoration


 27 December 2008

Hi Denis   I read your story about how you got infected with the Borgward virus. Looking at the pictures in yr gallery, one of the Arabella's I used to own. Its the white car with license plate DE-23-23. It was imported to Holland from Switserland and when I owned it, it still had the original paint and interior Actually its a Loyd Arabella. Think that only in 1960 they started to sell them as Borgward Arabella. The car is now owned by Bennie Bennis who runs the Dutch Borgward truck club.   All the best    Harm Bil      

14th June 2009

Great restoration, I randomly came across your site while googling for "sandblasting" and "roof lining".  Only after a while did I notice it was a so that was a pleasant surprise Smile

I'm currently restoring a 1972 Datsun 1600 and was wondering whether to take the roof lining out or not.

It makes sense to remove it just to make sure nothing is hiding under there but it's a bit of a shame as it looks brand new and I have been told it won't ever fit the same! 

Nice work on a very interesting car, you should make a comments section on your site as I bet you're missing out on a lot of praise!




20  June 2010

Dear Arabella friend !

 I got your card from my friend Tim, who met you in Germany at the first international Arabella-meeting.

Unfortunately I couldn’t be with the Arabella owners, because my wife just had given birth to our little daugther Lena.

It would have been a very great pleasure for me to meet you – your webside is fantastic!

I live in Switzerland and I own all Arabella cars of the country – 30 Arabella cars in all – isn’t it crazy?

My father bought his first car directely from the Lloyd-factory in Bremen in march 1960. Since then our family drives Arabella cars every day. My father and I made more than 1'000'000 km (million)

on Arabella cars.




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